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anyone notice a full halloween moon?

  1. 0 Did anyone notice it was a full moon? On Halloween?!? Well, it sure lived up to it in my little ER tonight. I work in a 4 bed, rural ER. One Doc, one RN and one LPN. We had 2 vent patients one of which we had to keep shocking... 79 yr full code, full of CA?!?!?tonight... the odd drug seeker or two, lots of stupid parent syndrome. And of course, people mad because they were actually having to wait for once. Also, lots of people were understanding thankfully. Let's see.. what else? oh yeah.. a cuff leak in one of the tubes (why oh why didn't the medic check it first?), no food, unless 3 oz of popcorn counts.... no respiratory in house, but came in..... both patients with crap for veins (on a good note.. got an IV on both.. and both came with PICC lines). As house supervisor i'm responsible for staffing,, do you think the floor nurses (who only had 6 inpatients) could take it upon themselves to deal with it? they did eventually.. but just don't even talk to me about it....oh yeah.. and an ex husband yelling at me on the phone.. what a winner! lol Oh and one of the BP monitors just shut down.. lost all data.. fortunately had printed lots, but still lost about 45 minutes worth of q 5min bps.. grrrr!

    Well,, thanks for listening.. hope everyone elses night wasn't so bad!!!
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    I was lucky enough to not have to work at all yesterday. I did have to call into the nursery to speak with someone though, they didn't have time to talk. It was around 7:15, and they were just getting their 5th new baby since the shift started at 3:00.

    Then I just talked with my mother, who is a pyych nurse. You don't even want to hear about her night

    I hope that everyone else's night went a little better

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    Not only was it a full moon, it was a blue moon! (second full moon in a single month) According to the news, we won't have another blue moon on Halloween until 2020.

    Thankfully I didn't work...the full moon DID make it nice for trick-or-treating.

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    i even tried to take a couple pictures of it!!!!!

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    As someone said in another thread:

    Halloween---Full Moon----Terrorists

    Quite a combination. Glad I didn't work.
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    wow!!!!!! othing like a litle superstition to put some fear into ya huh??? lol!

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    Just curious amy.. what is a visitor bed?
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