1. May I gey some ideas of a good reference for ACLS assistance. I have my ACLS and have the big book that I studied from.

    I would like to purchase a small handy dandy reference book. I also understand that the information and protocols are changed as have the questions on the test (having used old drugs out of use in todays environment). I use a lot and get good service from them. Any other recommendations?

    I appreciate any feedback!

    Thank you in advance....

    Follow your Bliss..... John Campbell
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  3. by   CEN35
    it's still pretty simple......thing is lido has been moved back (or down), and the worlds bretylium suply is near vansihed, so that's gone. however, i can't think of any new refferences off hand. i am sure you will do fine!!!!

  4. by   JJFROG
    If you go to, they have several small guide books that have lots of information!