A new ER nursing motto

  1. 5 Apparently someone has been reading our allnurses' threads...

    "Sir, as a nurse, I will clean your ass, I will wipe your ass, I will even stick my fingers up your ass. I will exhaust every effort to save your ass. BUT, I will NOT go so low as to kiss your ass. And rest assuredly, if you continue to make me mad, I will not hesitate to kick your ass! Now plant your ass down or I will take your temperature with my boot!"


    You GO sista!
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    I saw a shorter version of that on a t-shirt

    " I am here to save your ass, not kiss it"

    I thought it would be a good gift for nurses week!!
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    Quote from racing-mom4
    I saw a shorter version of that on a t-shirt

    " I am here to save your ass, not kiss it"

    I thought it would be a good gift for nurses week!!
    I have said T-shirt. It actually says " I AM AN EMERGENCY ROOM NURSE I AM HERE TO SAVE YOUR ASS NOT KISS IT"

    There is a guy that sells them on Ebay from time to time. I every now and again finds its way under my scrubs when i find my self in that mood. I also have one I found at Steve and Barry' s that deals with the less than common sensical people we happen across on occasion. My boss has even gotten a laugh or two out of it.

    But seriously I do give each and everyone of my patients the benefit of the doubt.

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    Our ER motto is: You gotta be tough if you are gonna be stupid!"
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    Ours is: No cure for stupid!
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    I love this stuff!!
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    keep them comin!!!

    b eyes
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    I like comedian Ron White's saying: "You can't fix stupid!"
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    work smart not hard
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    Hat to say it but I worked with a nurse who always used to say
    "Stupid should hurt" thus you won't repeat stupid....(We have hopes of the not repeating anyway.)
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    I always liked "keepin' you alive 'till 6:45"

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