MSN versus DNP what does it actually mean?

  1. I am a soon to be new graduate nurse. I returned to school with the end goal of becoming a PMHNP in mind. I know that in 2015 the requirements for this will change from a masters degree to a DNP degree but what I am having a hard time finding anywhere is what this actually means to a student as far as length of time to complete or requirements for program admission. Will the MSN degree still exist or will it be like other terminal degrees where the graduate degree is the DNP? Will you have to complete the masters and then apply to a DNP program? It's confusing. I am in a program where I will complete the ADN portion this Spring and continue working immediately towards the requirements for the BSN without stopping. If everything goes as planned should finish my BSN within four additional semesters (including summer) and will be working during that time so should meet the clinical time worked requirements for many programs. However, would I then apply to a MSN program, or must the MSN be completed before 2015 to be grandfathered in???? Sorry for the seemingly rambling question. Thank you for your responses...