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Worldwide disasters encompass many aspects of our daily lives. From the current Ebola epidemic to localized hurricanes and tornadoes to massive forest fires and earthquakes; these are all hot topics. We want to provide you with up to date information from credible sources. In this forum you will find information on current news regarding disasters as well as ways that they may impact both your working and personal lives.

  1. Are there any stats
    by jrwest Jan 16, '10
  2. An acquaintance of mine just perished from the H1N1
    by VickyRN Jan 15, '10
  3. Swine Flu Spikes Again in US
    by indigo girl Jan 3, '10
    indigo girl
  4. EU Health Committee Chair calls Swine Flu Handling a "Scandal"
    by MikeyBSN Jan 14, '10
    indigo girl
  5. Can You Get Swine Flu More Than Once?
    by indigo girl Nov 6, '09
  6. H1N1 flu pandemic offers lessons for health officials don't over-promise vaccines
    by NRSKarenRN Jan 8, '10
  7. WHO:  Pandemic (H1N1) 2009
    by indigo girl Dec 31, '09
    indigo girl
  8. Asthma Linked to Severe Cases
    by indigo girl Dec 30, '09
    indigo girl
  9. Poll released on who is not getting H1N1 vaccine
    by itsmejuli Dec 30, '09
  10. Swine flu: (unfinished) story of the year
    by indigo girl Dec 29, '09
  11. Interview with John Oxford
    by indigo girl Dec 27, '09
  12. Anatomy of a Pandemic: H1N1 mysterious, deadly - but not as lethal as feared
    by indigo girl Dec 26, '09
    indigo girl
  13. A New Front Line Drug For Flu In the Offing?
    by indigo girl Dec 26, '09
  14. Case 40 -2009-A 29-Year-Old Man with Fever and Respiratory Failure
    by indigo girl Dec 24, '09
  15. NEJM: Pediatric Hospitalizations Associated with 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) in
    by indigo girl Dec 24, '09
  16. FDA Press Release: New Seasonal Vax Approved for People Over Age 65
    by indigo girl Dec 24, '09
  17. Drug Cocktail Effective Against Tamiflu Resistant Swine Flu
    by indigo girl Oct 28, '09
    indigo girl
  18. Hong Kong: H9, One of the "Other" Avian Influenzas
    by indigo girl Dec 24, '09
  19. New Mothers Also at Risk from H1N1
    by indigo girl Dec 24, '09
  20. Should Obama have been one of the first to get the A/H1N1 influenza vaccination?
    by wanderlust99 Nov 4, '09
    indigo girl
  21. Non-Safety Related Vaccine Recall
    by indigo girl Dec 23, '09
  22. Drugmaker Recalls Nearly 5 Million Doses of H1N1 Flu Vaccine
    by ozoneranger Dec 22, '09
  23. Mild Pandemic? Bite Your Tongue
    by indigo girl Dec 16, '09
    indigo girl
  24. Need shots for school...but...
    by delilas Dec 16, '09
  25. First Immunological Clue Why Some H1N1 Victims Get Very Ill or Die
    by indigo girl Dec 16, '09
    indigo girl
  26. H1N1- do we need vaccination yearly like
    by MammaNurse2Be Dec 15, '09
  27. Anatomy of a Pandemic from PBS
    by indigo girl Dec 15, '09
    indigo girl
  28. Prolonged Shedding of Swine Flu Virus
    by indigo girl Dec 14, '09
  29. H1N1 clinics
    by itsmejuli Dec 12, '09
  30. How many kids are actually getting vaccinated?
    by itsmejuli Dec 4, '09
  31. CDC recalculates H1N1 Estimates
    by angelausp Dec 11, '09
  32. LTC and seasonal flu vaccines
    by makes needs known Dec 11, '09
  33. The Long Term Evidence for Vaccines
    by indigo girl Dec 10, '09
  34. New York Autopsies Show 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus Damages Entire Airway
    by lamazeteacher Dec 9, '09
  35. NEJM: Antibiotics for pneumonia in H1N1
    by indigo girl Dec 8, '09

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