Flubuster: Working w/ Retail Clinics giving flu shots

  1. Does anyone have experience working at Retail Clinics administering flu vaccines?
    Flubuster has attendance policies like: work for 50% wage for that day if tardy.
    Charge nurses $30 for each dose of vaccine wasted due to mis-handling, $30/per
    for missing paperwork. Etc.. Is this a way to run a tight ship or do nurses
    end up owing the company money unreasonably? How is the training and travel?
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  3. by   ghillbert
    No idea, but you can use your imagination as to what I would say to an employer who thought I'd work for 50% of my wage or pay for supplies out of own pocket... it wouldn't be pretty. BTW, isn't this about regular fluvax rather than H1N1?