What are the advantages of being a preceptor for new nurses or PCT's?

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    After talking to a lot of the PCT's in my clinic (most of which have at least 7 years experience), I always ask why they don't precept. I see such great teachers in most of the PCT's that I've learned from and they want nothing to do with precepting. Why? The reward or compensation is not as great as the effort they put in.

    So how does your clinic reward preceptors? Is it only monetary? How much do they get to be preceptors?

    Is it different in clinics not owned by the big two (fresenius and Davita)?

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    I work for DaVita. PCTs only get $1 per hour extra to precept and nurses get nothing for precepting. It's a lot of work to train someone when you can barely keep up with the work as it is so many just don't want to do it.

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