unfractionated heparin/low molecular weight heparin

  1. As I am a clueless neophyte, I was wondering if there is a constant formula for converting dosages between unfractionated heparin and low molecular weight heparin? I've searched around google and all I've found is one unit of Tinzaparin is not equals to one unit of Heparin (obviously). I've seen studies using 2,500 units of Tinzaparin versus a 1,000 units starting dose of Heparin but that is just the starting dose. I don't were to start looking, and I really want the answer.

    By the way, may I ask what type of heparin do you use in your units? Should I even bother to find the equivalent of heparin or should I just ask the doctor or should I just write down what we use on our unit and let the other unit solve the case?

    I think some senior told me 2,500 units of Tinzaparin is equal to 5,000 units of regular heparin but I'm not so sure of what I think...HELP.
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  3. by   DaniRN1
    I don't think anyone knows, hazy. The clinics I am familiar with, use 1000u/ml Heparin Sodium for all applications.