Prefilled syringe or bags of saline to flush catheter?

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    Dear all,

    I am french and i would like to know which type of saline flush do you mainly use in the United States (vials? prefilled syringes? bags?)

    Can you tell me which one is the standard?

    Thanks for your help
    Antoine Pineau

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    What kind of "flushing" are you talking about? Intravenous lines? Central Venous lines? Arterial lines? Urinary catheters?
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    Since I work in pediatrics, we give most of our medications via syringe pumps with small tubing. We use pre-filled syringes to flush our tubing after a medication is given because you only need a few mLs to flush and drawing from a bag is wasteful and less sterile. If we are giving a medication that is dispensed in a bag, then we flush with a bag of saline afterwards.

    For routine flushing of our intravenous lines, we use pre-filled syringes, but we can draw up saline from a vial if needed.

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