1. hello everyone
    i work in a acute dialysis unit in OK. Our physician is wanting to start plasmapheresis. i am wanting some feedback as to what types of systems everyone else uses. my manager is telling me there is a machine or pump that works with the fresenius machines for this. any info would help
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  3. by   GTS
    You should be able to have the CRRT option installed on your Fresenius H (and K) machines which will add the second pump you need. That way it's all on the machine and ready to go. If you want more info about it (prices, etc), contact Fresenius at 800-227-2572 or 800-662-1237. I'm guessing it will be in the neighborhood of $1500-$1800 per machine, though (plus installing it, which shouldn't be much). Not very cheap. Lol. Good luck! Hope that helps.
  4. by   ageless
    We use a pump made by ASAHI that sits on top of the fresenius H.
  5. by   GTS
    Sorry, I lied. I called to check the price for you. Looks like it's about $3800 for the kit.

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