Peritoneal Dialysis

  1. Does anyone else find Peritoneal dialysis boring? I don't know but I'm getting the feeling that this field is for old people. Am i being too judgemental here? I find it very boring.
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  3. by   Happy2CU
    LOL ~ oh yes, I'm feeling you!! I've been doing PD for a bit over two years. There are times when it becomes very redundant and boring. However, there are also times when I feel incredably stressed. I will have my day planned then someone will call with peritonitis. And they always call when my day is fully booked... okay so not like they can help it. the time you culture the fluid, get your labs ready, generate the req, call the doc for the antibiotic order, medicate the bag, etc....document and chart, it's really time consuming if you have an already full day.

    And I'm old ~ LOL ~ I will be 50 in January, but I really feel that I can't see myself doing this long term. Unfortunately, my options are limited, I'm an LPN, not an RN and live in a somwhat rural area. I'm afraid my only other option would be a nursing home and I've done that, but just not sure I'm wanting to do it again.

    Oh well, day by day, my friend.
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