patient education

  1. patient education is a major component of having the patient part of the treatment team -- e.g. including in the treatment planning/care planning meetings, etc.
    I am curious, when educating patients, is the following done related to infection control --
    ** Are patients educated as to that which the staff will implement in order to prevent an infection? (ex - hand hygiene prior to donning gloves, changing gloves prior to cannulating if gloves touch machine or other contaminated items, etc)
    We have learned that when patients are educated as to that which staff will, or should, implement, then patients can partake in their treatment and remind staff to implement correct practices if they (pt) observe a potential incorrect practice.. This inclusion of patients can prevent infections - APIC has their guidelines on infection prevention in HD units which addresses this aspect, however, I am not aware that all facilities incorporate this aspect into their patient education
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