New To Urology; help!

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    Hello, I'm a recent LPN grad & I'm starting my 1st nursing job Oct 22nd at a local hospital. I'll be on an Ortho/Urology/Med-Surg floor. Thankfully I've been an aide at a LTC facility so I'm not completely dumb lol. But what all should I expect with Urology? What are some things I should brush up on before I start? I'm pretty nervous!!! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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    You might like to brush up an indwelling catheters, CBI (continuous bladder irrigation), urostomies, and some of the prostate/bladder meds. Perhaps learn to use a bladder ultrasound, if they are used there. I found it very helpful to try to be the assistant if the urologist was doing a procedure at bedside, also, such as CMG (cystometrogram), or bladder scopes. Maybe you could read up on neurogenic bladder, or overactive bladder, as well.
    Hope this helps..
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    Yes it does! Thank you!

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