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  1. 0 One of my biggest concerns are what meds need to be held/given during dialysis......
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Start orientation on the 23rd
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    During dialysis we give Venofer, Epogen, Zemplar, and some prns. We keep phenergen for nausea, tylenol, immodium, and clonodine for prns. The medications we usually have the patient hold before they come are blood pressure meds, we have them bring them with them in case their pressure gets crazy. How long is your orientation? The good thing about dialysis is they usually do give you good training.
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    I get 6 weeks of orientation on days and 6 weeks on nights and then I'll be on nights until I choose to move to days. I work on Nephrology floor-the dialysis unit is connected to my floor but I don't think the floor nurses hook the pt's up the the machines. They have dialysis nurses who stay in the unit that does far as I know.

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