Na profiling vs. UF profiling

  1. hi! i am new to dialysis and i have a question RE: Na profiling and UF profiling using the Phoenix machines. Can they be used together or can we only do one or the other w/ ea. treatment. is one more effective than the other? also how do you determine co-efficiency % thanks for your help!
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  3. by   ValWai
    I have used Na profiling and UF profiling together as well as independently with Baxter and Fresenius machines. I think all the machines would have the same features. kUF is determined in the factory by manufacturer during the investigation phase of the new dialyser. It is expressed in ml/hr/mmHg, meaning the vol. than can be removed over 1 hr. when 1mmHg pressure is exerted across the membrane at a specific blood and fluid flow rate. kUF is unique to each dialyser. Hope this would help.