interview tomorrow, any tips please!!??

  1. Hi everyone,

    hope everyone is well, i've been following this thread for a while, i'm acutally an medicine nurse 10+ years but wanting to make a lateral move into dialysis, and landed a hospital job interview tomorrow. i like this opportunity but i dont really know how to prepare for this interview, as i'm not a dialysis nurse so dont know how i'll handle the 'real' clinical questions since during my practicum i've just mainly watched and not touched too much.

    i'm going to try and review things like desired blood speed, how far apart the needles should be placed with grafts/fistulas (still pretty rusty on that), and clinical things like that, but feel like i dont know where to start.

    i know this is super short notice, but can anyone help me on how to prepare for this interview....i really hope to do well, and not look unprepared.
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  3. by   RN625
    How did the interview go? I spent many years in acute dialysis & loved it.
  4. by   dayshiftnurse
    i did get the job...thanks!