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Insulin administration prior to dialysis

  1. 0 What is the current practice for administering insulin prior to dialysis?
    Can patient eat during the procedure?

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    We try to avoid our pts. having big meals while on dialysis. Diabetics on 5 and a half hour dialysis do need a light meal. We try to take off as much fluid as early as possible to minimize hypotension. They have their insulin + calcium supp. @ home as on a non dialysis day. We only serve fluids and a weekly treat of a muffin. Some bring a small snack like fruit or cookies. Some we don't feed at all as they tend to choke. We've had too many vomit and /or go we avoid big meals like the plague. Hope this helps!
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    we do insulin before after even during. check blood sugar regularly until you figure out the reaction of each individual pt( and then they change) we have glucometers 1 for every 4 patients. we do about 50-55 pt a day

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