HELP! Interview questions for dialysis nursing??

  1. 0 Hello everyone!

    I am a fairly new nurse, graduated in spring of 2010, live in CA and have had a very difficult time finding work. I currently work as a MDS RN in LTC and am looking for something more clinical, more pt-based.
    I am scheduled for an interview for a dialysis clinic RN and I'm a little lost at what type of nursing questions ill be asked in the interview. I'm doing research, brushing up on my dialysis knowledge from nursing school, wondering should I studying labs, diet, etc? I'm actually studying all of the above and getting a little more nervous when I realize none of my info covers what to do in case of an emergency occurring with the patient while dialyzing. Any tips would be wonderful! I am so appreciative of any and all info anyone can give me.

    Thank you!
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