Dialysis Clinic Management Advantages?

  1. So why would someone accept an offer to take over a dialysis clinic? Tons of responsibility, but what are the advantages that make it worth while?

    Are there decent bonuses? Stock options? What?
    Or is it a desire to succeed?
    Why would you do it?
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  3. by   Guttercat
    I wouldn't do it unless I am behind the company at least >75%, bonuses be damned.

    As a unit manager for a corporate dialysis entity, you are there soley to ensure company policy is being carried out, whether you agree with it or not.
  4. by   madwife2002
    I question myself on a daily basis why I am a dialysis manager!
    When I first took the position it was ok-then since January 1st it has become one huge nightmare.

    The only reason I am staying at the moment is to support my staff and make sure they have somebody who they can rely on!

    Since March my techs have run short! Recruitment is difficult and there are few experienced techs where we live-so we train our own which takes at least 1 yr for them to become experienced.

    Pressure to perform is constant and increases on a daily basis. You already have RN's who work non stop and more work has to be given to them constantly.

    No bonus's what are they???

    No upper management even control the time we spend at our unit and if you take a few hours off they take it out of your PTO!
    Doesnt matter if you worked 70 hours the week before they dont care if you work extra!

    One of the perks of the job in my estimation was the flexi time. Now we can no longer work flexi time then to be truthful the last perk has gone and it is time to move down or onwards.

    My PCS earns more money than I do! As when she works more than 1 hour extra she earns more money than I earn in a week!

    I love working in Renal, It is in my blood but it will be the death of me