Sister w/Type I Diabetes

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    I have a question.. My sister who is 35 is pregnant and has had IDDM since she was 11. She is around 13 weeks and her sugar has dropped below 30 over 6 times . She has been hospitalized twice now.. one time it went as low as 7!! I don't know what I can do to help her. For some reason she can not keep her sugar levels where they are supposed to be. How can I get her to realize the effects that this will have not only to her (seizures,blindness,renal failure) but the effects this will have on her baby. I thought the first time in the hospital would have been a wake up call but as you can see it hasn't. I don't know if she is doing this for attention or she really can't control it. Any advice or replies will be appreciated.. TIA!

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