Question about Diabetes Education Recognition Program reimbursement

  1. I'm trying to find information on how much revenue you can generate through private insurance and medicare to show my boss. I've been to the AADE website and found a book which I just ordered. I'm still curious if anyone could give a round about estimate as to how well this pays out. From reading on line I'm getting the impression not very well.
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  3. by   classicdame
    not a lot. Talk to your insurance dept and ask them to look up the codes for reimbursement and then from there they can discern Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement There is one for the initial visit and then others for followup visits. Private companies will be about the same as what CMS pays for Medicare and Medicaid. Bascially you have to go in to it with the idea that insurance is helping finance a community service. Not the same as making a profit.