Glucagon in T1DM

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    Hi All:
    In people with T1DM why doesn't their endoginous glucagon kick in to raise BG when they are hypoglycemic? Are the pancreatic alpha cells also destroyed with the onset of the disease? I can't remember from nursing school.

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    There is an impairment of the autonomic nervous system that occurs in Type 1 DM, resulting in a failure of the alpha cells of the pancreas to respond normally to hypoglycemia.
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    sometimes the body just cannot catch up to the demand.
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    Alpha cells work in response to beta cells. So if there are no beta cells then the alpha cells can't function properly.
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    Glucagon comes from the liver. The pancreas sends a message to the liver to release glucagon. If the pancreas is faulty, then the messages may be faulty.
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    Yes, and alpha cells are what send the message to the liver to start producing glucagon when sugars drop.

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