getting into endocrinology

  1. I am currently in nursing school, and I absolutely love endocrinology. I find it so fascinating, and I would love to specialize in this field. I never even knew it was an option until I did research and discovered there are in fact endocrinology nurses.. How does one go about getting into this field in particular, what general areas are good to enter into, and then build up to endocrinology?
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  3. by   classicdame
    the ideal would be to work for an endocrinologist. If there is a certification for this area, determine what is required for that cert and be working on that. I think that working in a med-surg unit of a hospital would be extremely helpful as you will have several patients daily, all with different issues. For instance, when I see "cellulitis" or "Infection" on the daily census I suspect diabetes has a role somewhere. Or at least some circulation issue, as most infections can be treated outside the hospital setting. Good luck with your new goal!
  4. by   frann
    you could be a CDE-certified diabetes educator
    there are 2 paths to becoming
    RN path or getting nutrition degree

    google how to become CDE