Follow-up Form Letter???  (x-posted in Patient Education) Follow-up Form Letter??? (x-posted in Patient Education) | allnurses

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Follow-up Form Letter??? (x-posted in Patient Education)

  1. 0 Does anyone have a letter that you send to patients that haven't been seen in a while to encourage them to make an appointment for a follow-up?

    I am a diabetes nurse educator and have a lot of patients who I'd like to contact and encourage them to come back for more education / follow-up...

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    When I held that position I did have a letter to send, and copied to MD. Depending on your state laws there may be some ramification if the patient gets ill then states "no one ever told me-----". You don't have to be specific, just state you are concerned because their condition is serious. You might ask your malpractice insurance company's lawyer for advice on wording.