Credible Courses in Canada for the CDE

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    I am a new grad working on my hours to take the CDEC, But i have NO idea where to start. Does anybody have any recommendations on books, or credible courses i could take, either online, or uni? Im in BC. Pleaseeee help. i cant find anything on their website, ive already asked my educators at the hosp and they have no idea either.
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    If you go the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board website and look at their examination handbook there is a bibliography of suggested reading there.
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    If you are still looking, UBC offers a course every fall in Vancouver

    Diabetes Educator Course Vancouver Fall 2013 - UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education

    I took it last year and although I still did a lot of study before writing the CDE, it did give me a good basis to start from.

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