Anyone know of a talking glucose meter that ''works "

  1. 0 does anyone know of a talking glucose meter that works ? i am going nuts trying to find one.

    i have used the prodigy /prodigy voice for about 2year now and it has been a nightmare . first 25% of the strips i get are bad and even test bad . 2nd the meters olney last about 6 months and then you have to buy a new one . also blind people have a hard time taking the strips out and getting in the right way .

    my last one just broke a week ago and it gave me bad readings for 2 weeks . i have spent the last week trying to get replacement but i am not paying $100.00 for another one that is just going to brake agen i am also scared to use this same brand because i just got put on my first insulin ever and i want it to give me good readings or i will have a big problem .

    i wanted to know if anyone knew of a good talking meater that will wo
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