"Living With a Diabetic"- help!

  1. My wife is leading an upcoming diabetes support group. We are planning on addressing this topic...Living With a Diabetic. She was diagnosed Type I 12 years ago. I would say it has definitely been a mutual journey as one expects with the arrival of any serious life-changing disease. My "contributions'' have not always been supportive or appreciated, but I would like to think I have "been there" for her as well. We continue to improve our learning curves and have a very good life together. Perhaps you who are living with your 'diabetic' would like to share a 'gem' from your experience. Diabetics? What did we do right? (and not so right?) What is important to mention when thinking of the one who is living with a diabetic? :spin:
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  3. by   classicdame
    As a diabetic and nurse and educator I find that having a support system is essential. We screen patients to see if they have support at home, as that person is more likely to follow thru with recommended therapies. Support does not mean being the food police, however. The patient needs to be responsible for their own actions. A good diet is good for everyone and so is exercise. So finding something you both enjoy is supportive. Good luck!