Transitioning out of DD Nursing

  1. Hi all,

    I have worked in DD for about the last 5 years and am now thinking about making a change. Has anyone successfully transitioned out of DD into another area of nursing and if so what areas? I have found that although DD can be great, it kind of pigeonholes you and makes it difficult to get back into more clinical positions.
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  3. by   Passion8RN
    I personally transitioned out of DD nursing last year after working for five years in this area. While working in DD though, I also did home health and skilled nursing which gave me additional experience. I currently work on a med-surg orthopedic floor which is going well. As a DD nurse you gain exceptional coordination skills and you learn how to think on your feet being that most DD nurses work independently. These both give you a marketing advantage. During the resume and interview process I would definitely stress this.