The Auditors were here again

  1. 0 I just completed another two day state audit. This time it went very well - no medical or nursing citations. I worked like a beaver over those charts - and then they pulled a good sample out of the nine consumers that I had. The four that they pulled had more behavior than medical issues - but they were no citations in that area either. All of the citations about 4 were related to staffing issues- there is not enough staff to carry out programming - this is a problem in the agency- so I have two more audits to get through - one ICF and one CR which is the Federal Government audit - I will be working those charts over - by the way the POCA is completed and was submitted - we are waiting for any corrections.

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    Hate to tell You last year .We were missing about 4 nurseing assessments We get ours from the Pt's MD and they have a bad habit of waiting to the very last minute to send them
    ON that last day I finally got all of them about 5 minutes before they walked in.

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