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Interview in DD nursing

  1. 0 Just had an interview in DD field. I know I would love it. I worked years ago in home and loved it, wasn't a nurse then. Problem is the pay, I will be taking a $7/hour pay cut. Ouch. Personally, I just want a job that I am happy at. I think I have found it. Just looking for opinions. First I have to actually see if get offered the job.
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    Congratulations on your interview. Yes, the pay... I'm guessing you applied to a not-for-profit agency. The pay usually does not match up with an acute care environment, of a for-profit organization. But the personal rewards, at least for me, make up the difference. Good luck!
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    Thanks for your reply, I did take job, they did increase starting pay another 2/hour. I had worked with developmentally disabled years ago and loved it, know I will love this.
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    do you mind me asking you where you got the job? are you in australia,, im finding it very hard to find jobs

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