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ID/DD Summer Camp Nurses

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    I am working at a Camp this summer that is for Developmentally Disabled and intellectually Disabled Adults and kids. I have experience working with Developmentally Disabled and Intellectually Disabled individuals. I am very excited for this new role, I have not been a camp nurse before. Does anyone have any great resources that they feel would help me prepare for my role as a DD/ID Camp Nurse. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank You!
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    I had a similar job last summer. Be ready to roll because EVERYONE is on a TON of meds.

    Also, be able to explain how to do things to the counselors...most are college students and some have never seen someone of the same sex naked before...We had 3 nurses, and we did stations on bed transfers, bathroom/showers, feeding, ect.

    Feel free to PM me with questions.