DD programs in las vegas

  1. i am a RN in las vegas and would love to work w/ dd children or adults. who do i contact for a job? i have worked w/ young adults in utah as a LPN and loved it. i tried opporunty village and they don't hire RN's. thank you.
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  3. by   zoo4uRN
    Hi KizzyKat-

    Not sure if you are looking for a group setting, or one-on-one care. There are many DD nursing jobs available for pediatric private duty nurses, thru home health agencies. Some of these kids can be fairly medically complex, so you will have plenty of opportunity to use your nursing skills. You can always pick up a shift or two to see if you like it, before you make a long term commitment.

    I worked a couple of DD cases here in Arizona, and it was a great way to network and find out what other resources/agencies were available that utilize RN's. Really enjoyed the kids, and their families.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful with info specific to Las Vegas.

    Hope that helps a bit-