Can you work as a RNID in canada, australia or Dubai

  1. Hi all im in my forth year of Intellectual disability nursing in ireland, just wondering can i register as a RN In australia canada or dubai, im finding it very difficult to get a simple answer online, if so how do i go about this?? any advise i would be greatful for
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  3. by   joanna73
    You require a Bachelor of Science, Nursing in order to be eligible for registration in these nations. In addition, each nursing board will assess your educational qualifications further. Your best course of action would be to contact each directly and ask them.
  4. by   kingofqueen
    Thanks for the reply joanne, i have an honours bachelors science degree its a four year course I'm doing, Ive contacted Aphra in relation to this and they just send me a link to their requirments page which really does'nt explain about this. I am wondering does anyone know of anyone or how they managed it?