Autism Assistance Dog

  1. 0 Hiya,
    Anyone out there heard of or had any experience with Autism Assistance Dogs?
    My son has been approved to have one placed with him once we are able to raise the required money. Sounds like most of the families who have such a dog are very pleased.
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    Wow- this is quite interesting. No-I personally do not know of anyone who has autism and an assistance dog. My specialty is psych and I have worked in developmental disabilities. I will email a very close friend of mine who devotes her entire work to DD.
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    Thanks, I would be interested in another opinion.
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    Given your very special situation, you might want to send an email to the guy who wrote "Healing power of Pets" ,Dr. Marty Becker,DVM. Just google in the man's name and you'll get the site.

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