Advice for New RN

  1. I accepted a position as an RN for 3 ICF homes. I have ten years experience working with the developmentally disabled as a direct care staff. I have worked as an on call RN and for the most part I feel familiar with the "system".

    I am a new grad and after passing my boards continued to work in a direct care position/ RN on call position while going to school to finish my Bachelors in a year.

    I begin my new job as a full time RN for the 3 ICF's shortly and am feeling anxious and would like recommendations on literature to read to feel more prepared for this position.

    I have never worked in an ICF only IRAs. I have heard that the main difference between ICFs and IRAs is primarily billing.. is this an accurate statement?

    Anyone out there have any suggestions or advice to give to a newer RN in this field?

    Thank you so much
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  3. by   Nurse Connie
    No advice but I was coming here to basically post the same question! I am a new grad and have been working as a DSP since last year. I have been working as camp nurse this summer as well but it looks like my agency will hire me. Good luck!