NLN Exam !!!!!!!!

  1. Does anyone know if your allowed to use any type of calculator on the NLN RN Pre Admission exam test at DTCC?? Thanks
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  3. by   simplystudentnurse
    I just took the NLN at DTCC-Terry in June and we were not allowed the use of calculators.
  4. by   delawhere2006
    I am taking the pre-reqs at the Stanton campus this semster (F07) and the Counselor for Prospective Nursing and Current Nursing Students announced in my class that calculators are not allowed.

    Can anyone suggest a good math review book for the NLN? I have an NLN review book, but I really need more practice on my math's been so long since I've had a calculator pried out of my hand
  5. by   Shox8586
    the only review book really is the one at the book store ... it has a math section in it, but because there is sooo many different types of math questions, it is hard to tell what will be on the test. I just took my NLN exam in september. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You will do good!