Free ADN Education at Delaware Tech for Delaware HS graduates

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    [FONT=Adobe Garamond Pro,Adobe Garamond Pro]If you are a Delaware resident graduating this year from a Delaware high school (public or non-public) with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and no
    [FONT=Adobe Garamond Pro,Adobe Garamond Pro]felony convictions, you can go to Delaware Tech tuition free.
    [FONT=Adobe Garamond Pro,Adobe Garamond Pro]No Kidding! [FONT=Adobe Garamond Pro,Adobe Garamond Pro]Go to [FONT=Adobe Garamond Pro,Adobe Garamond Pro]to find out more.

    [FONT=Adobe Garamond Pro,Adobe Garamond Pro]Info on Delaware Techs ADN program:
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