Delaware Tech clinical acceptance points

  1. I am applying to the Delaware Tech Stanton campus clinicals this year. I will be finished all my prereqs this semester, and I have 19 points towards clinicals out of 24. Does anyone know of the lowest amount of points needed to get a clinical seat? I would like to be in the top 80.
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  3. by   MIC!
    I'm not sure but, I know you have to re-apply each semester if you don't secure a clinical seat at Terry Campus and Stanton. Good luck.
  4. by   Markeevustimothy
    Having done most your pre-reqs, including A&P I, A&P II, and Microbiology, you should be in the clear. You will be competing against people who have half that. Those points make ALL the difference. I took the NLN twice and I got the same score (roughly). The first time I took it I was not accepted and had to wait a year. The second time I had all the pre-reqs done and made it in the top 80. Not sure the point value, that depends on how successful the other students are. Good luck.
  5. by   Sugarpie1721
    I just started my 3rd semester of clinicals at Stanton. My first semester was January 2010. I was ranked in March 2009. I had 17 points. I think the point system may have changed since I was ranked, but hopefully that will give you a good idea. Sounds like you should be good to go!!! Good luck!