Delaware Psychiatric Center interview

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    I have an upcoming interview at DPC. Does anyone on this site work there presently or in the past? How is it to work here and any interview tips?

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    Hi. I am wondering how your interview went. I just recently applied and was wondering about the process. I appreciate it!!
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    Hi. My interview went fine and I was offered the position. I was suppose to start last Monday but I had to decline bc I was offered a full time nurse residency program. They asked the usual get to know you ? And mental health ? I was able to still answer the ? Eventthough I had mental health class 2 years ago. I was hired as casual position to work weekends, make sure if hired they hv your job class correct, they had me as RN I and it should hv been RNll, they corrected bc I hv bsn and no exp. They must need a lot of nurses bc I was told they hired 16 nurses when I filled out my hr papers.
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    Thank you. I applied on Fri and didn't know how the process was. I am hoping to get a call back and an interview. Again, thank you for your reply
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    Good luck

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