Trauma Flowsheets in EPIC?

  1. We are a level II trauma center and have been using EPIC for over 8 months now - we are STILL double documenting our trauma flowsheets. We have to enter our lines/meds/vitals/tubes into Epic so it follows the patient while they are at our facility, but the trauma committee still needs the paper flowsheet for the ACS accreditation ? I'm wondering if anyone has come across this and how they fixed it? I'm certain that other trauma centers have EHMs and have been reviewed by the ACS and received their renewals - our administration assures us that the review process has to be done with paper flowsheets? I find that VERY hard to believe. Could someone please shine some light on this one ? or provide some hope?
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  3. by   Larry77
    I know of a least 2 local level-1 trauma centers that are using EPIC for their trauma charting without a paper flow sheet. I don't work at either but I brought up the question during a trauma conference last year.