To get medical software or not

  1. 0 Hello everybody,

    I am a new RN grad starting ICU. I will in in orientation for 3 months and if I pass all the classes and do well, they will keep me. If not , they will throw me out and I will cry forever.
    Anyway, I can imagine that this 3 months will be very hard and my brain will hurt. I will feel stupid and I definitely wont know all the meds that I'll have to give. My boss said that there are computers in this hospital with an online drug guide.
    My debate is whether I should purchase the software for my 3 months of orientation. I don't want to waste all this money if God forbid they kick me out.
    What are my options here? I know I dont want to carry a drug book and look up a million meds when my time will be so precious.

    Thank you
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    I think that is the only solution for your case , you can subscribe for 3 months until you pass your orientation
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