RN responsibility post cath procedure

  1. In the cath lab, when a case is over, the pt is transferred to the CCU or a recovery area where the sheath is removed. Been having some thoughts about the rad or a tech transferring these folks without a nurse. If a sheath is dislodged, recon it all falls back on the nurse in the lab? Tim
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  3. by   ObamaRN08
    Absolutely! Never transfer a pt with a sheath in place without an RN or without a monitor. If the RN doesn't have time to escort pt to floor, then the pt will just have to sit until he or she does have time. There is so much that can go wrong with these people, If that sheath comes out in the elevator i doubt the rad techs have any idea how to hold pressure properly to avoid potentially life threatening complications. We wouldn't dream of sending a pt to the floor without a nurse!