Questions about being a trauma nurse?

  1. Hi! So im a high school student and im taking a class about health care careers. My teacher has asked us to interview a health professional about a field we would like to get into. I want to learn about being a trauma nurse, because I am very interested in the field. Since I dont know any trauma nurses, i decided to ask the 5 questions here. I also need a name (just a first name is fine) and years experience.

    1. What is the function/description of your discipline?
    2. What educational and professional credentials are required for the discipline?
    3. What kind of settings/environment do people in your field work in?
    4. What personality traits and/or characteristics must an individual have to be "cut-out" for this discipline?
    5. What drew you to this particular discipline?

    Thank you very much for your time!
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  3. by   elprup
    Not a trauma nurse, but you can definitely Google and get some of those answers. Then when somebody does answer, you can tailor your responses. Good luck.