Pain assessment tool for ICU?

  1. We are doing a project about using a standardized pain tool for our non-verbal patients. I would like to know what other hospitals are currently using. What pain assessment tool do you use for your sedated/vented/non-verbal patients? Do your physicians include this tool as basis for the pain medications in their orders? Please include your unit and the hospital you work in, only if you want to. Thank you!
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  2. Poll: What pain assessment tool do you use in your non-verbal, vented, sedated patients?

    • Numeric

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    • CPOT

      28.57% 2
    • BPS

      14.29% 1
    • FLACC

      28.57% 2
    • Faces

      28.57% 2
    • Other

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    In addition, does your surgical and medical team recognize these pain scales in their pain medication orders? For example, for CPOT> 2, give so and so medication..." We only have pain orders for verbal pain scales.