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  1. 0 Hi guys. I will be graduating with my BSN in May and I have an interview in a trauma center. I did my externship and I have been working there for two years so far. I would love to work there and I have an interview scheduled. The manager tends to hire only one new grad and there is another girl who has the same credentials as I do. I really want this job and need to stand out. The interview is with a panel of about 6 people. How should I prepare for the interview? What questions should I expect? What questions should I ask? Anything else I need to bring besides resume and cover letter? Please help. Thanks
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    There is an awesome post in Nursing search help that has information about getting the job that you want, how to style your résumé, etc. I think you can just search résumé help and interview points, etc. There are several that were posted by members who are involved in the hiring process, hope this helps! Good Luck!

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