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    I am a new graduate who has been invited back for a second interview for a Cardiovascular Critical Care Residency Program. An Intermediate Care Manager will be there too as it was my second choice of placement. I am looking for any advice on how best to prepare for the interview. Will the questions be behavioral based, knowledge based, situational etc. I know its all up in the air each interviewer is different but I'd hate to spend the week studying critical care nursing knowledge if I can put my energy elswhere. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I really want to rock this interview.

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    I'm starting as a new grad in cicu in 2 weeks. My first interview was a panel of 6 people asking clinical questions that ranged from chest pain to uncontrolled afib then to chf. They asked medication specific questions and questions about cardio version. My second interview with the unit nurse manager was not clinical instead she asked more behavioral questions. Honestly I would say prepare for both scenarios, good luck I hope you get the job you want
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