need suggestion for a critical care coarse in O.C or L.A cali. ! please :)

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    Im a new grad. & About to take nclex soon

    Ive been looking at job requirements for hospitals in the orange county and los angeles CA area and I saw that a few hospitals will consider hiring nurses with no experience into the ICU if they have a critical care coarse completed. I would love to work in the ICU so ive been looking for classes online and I cant find one!

    Does anyone please know of any schools/program/class?

    I only saw one critical care certificate from the California School of Health Sciences but I have a feeling that school isn't very good. Anyone taken it or heard about this school?

    Please any advice is appreciated. I'm going crazy trying to find the right program to meet that requirement.

    Thank you

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  3. 0 offers a intro to critical care class that's about 6 sessions and 8 hours per day
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    Thank you! I looked them up and it seems good, the class was full so hopefully theres another class soon. Thanks again
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    First, learn how to spell.
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