Moral Distress Research

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    research study seeking critical nurse participation.

    all levels of education and experience are welcomed and requested to participate in a research study entitled:
    moral distress: an exploratory study to identify a domain of interventions experienced or used by critical care nurses to mitigate moral distress.

    this research study aims to identify interventions critical care nurses use to lessen feelings of moral distress. moral distress is defined as knowing the correct action to take, but being prevented from doing it. critical nurses have a unique perspective regarding moral distress as the icu environment is wrought with ethical issues. this study is voluntary, anonymous, and does not provide any compensation for participation.

    the link below will direct critical care nurses interested in this research study to a website to complete an anonymous survey. there is no way to identify participants in this research study. as a result, participants will not be contacted with results from this research. click here to take survey
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