I want to attend the 2013 pccn conference in vegas

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    I started in PCU as a new grad this Jan2013. I want to learn more and hopefully earn my pccn soon rather than later. I heard about the aacn's pccn upcoming conference and want to attend.
    I work for hca. How can I approach my employer about them sending me/ offsetting the costs related to attending? Any helpful hints?
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    I wouldn't get my hopes up. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but with budgets the way they are, it is unlikely they will send a newbie to a conference. The way to get sent in the future is to become 'valuable' to your hospital. Do a research or performance improvement project, get together a journal club or study group - something YOU do on your own that brings value to the organization.
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    Perhaps they will contribute towards part of the cost rather than the whole thing? Can't hurt to ask! And I agree with Meanmaryjean that it's probably unlikely but you'll never get anywhere by not proposing the idea. Good luck! NTI is amazing. Free stuff, too.