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  1. I am in need of glycemic control protocols, sliding scale protocols, insulin gtt protocols from other facilities so I can compare them to my facilities protocols and thus find ways to improve patient outcomes, improve education for patients and staff in my facility. I'm a fairly new nurse (2 yrs) and I have been chosen by the exec. admin. to be apart of the glycemic control committee. I am scared to death! We are striving for Magnet status in our hospital and today we have grand rounds plus a meeting in which bedside nursing staff (me) will present problems and solutions to our current every day practice to physicians, educators and administrators from other hospitals and universities. All of the sudden I don't even know my name! Thats how nervous I am! HELP!

    thanks for listening!

    Nurse Betty
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  3. by   msmiranda21
    Try checking some sliding scale protocols from UK NHS hospitals as well as researched done in this area of bsl control in Aurtalia and New Zealand.